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Security Risk Management

We provide holistic security and loss prevention consulting, including strategic risk assessments and cost-effective mitigation plans, as well as audit and penetration testing cycles using a principally proven approach, incorporating physical and technical security elements. Our overall service objective is to enhance the protection of your people, property, information, brand and reputation. 


We also specialise in delivering comprehensive new-build property risk assessments and surveys, as well as end-to-end urban secure by design planning, construction and project management to meet the highest safety, security, sustainability and business continuity standards, balancing effective risk management and security design, with modern open built environments where operational efficiency is required.

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Security Systems, Integration & Design 

We design and project manage the installation of various electronic security measures, often specialising in integrated security system design and holistic technology solutions. We design non-intrusive Access Control, CCTV and Intrusion Detection Systems that need to be layered and blended in with physical security features and the wider natural and built environments.


The service chosen would be fully tailored to your needs based on an initial consultation and a comprehensive risk assessment. We aim to deliver only the highest quality of isolated or integrated security technology solutions. 


 Investigations & Case Management

We deliver a wide-range of investigations predominantly focused on investigating serious cases of theft, fraud, information security breaches, and workplace violence. Our investigations can be proactive or reactive to either identify an uncovered problem or to otherwise investigate a known existing issue. We are fully equipped to conduct vast data mining and professional evidence gathering.


Once an investigation is complete, we would then use our findings to advise on how to further reduce your risk of loss and develop your security risk management programme. We can also create highly effective policy and procedural frameworks alongside loss control practices to ensure you are setup to prevent or deal with any ongoing foreseeable business risks.  

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Global Risk Intelligence & Advisory

We provide international risk intelligence programmes, including company-specific geo-graphical / political risk analysis and advisory to help better understand your threat landscape and determine your operational risk on a global scale.

With these unique insights and our own global risk management resources, we are well equipped to establish and / or manage travel risk management programmes for employees and executives wherever they are doing business around the world. As a one stop shop, we can issue travel risk alerts, thorough personal travel safety briefings and journey management plans, alongside essential guidance and emergency support resources for various types of situations that may occur while working abroad.

Crisis Management & Business Continuity

We can advise on, build out and implement company crises management and business continuity plans for local, national and international organisations, helping develop, enhance and simplify the overall business resilience approach so that it is impactful, relevant and relatable to all departments.


We would work closely with different teams and functions to ensure a well implemented and rehearsed resilience strategy across the board. This would include thorough ongoing reviews with multiple stakeholders as well as periodic and structured cross-functional resilience testing and exercising for better understanding and familiarity across your organisation.


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Training Programmes

We offer bespoke training courses designed for organisations wishing to obtain industry proven skills or otherwise to create and raise employee awareness.


Our standard or tailor-made courses and workshops will touch on relevant threats and demonstrate what methods can be used to tackle them.




Security Risk Management Principles

 For Directors, Managers and Team Leaders

Security Threat & Vulnerability Assessments 

For security, IT, property and facilities Teams

Crisis & Emergency Management 

 Strategic workshop for leadership teams

Business Continuity Planning

For department heads and BC teams 

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